• How does it work

Pick your preferred option, click on register and create your Rosy Greens account. By entering your card details you are registering for re-occouring subscription.

  • How will I be charged?

The payments will leave your account on the day of the same day of the week (the day of the week you have registered on initially). 

  • The payment has been taken but I have cancelled/paused my subscription.

The payments are taken automatically on the day of the week you have registered initially. If you have paused/cancelled your subscription pass that day, please don’t worry. You do not need to do anything. We will automatically refund the payment back to you and it should reac your account within 5-10 working dys. 

  • I am going away and would like to pause/cancel my subscription.

Please log on to your Rosy Greens account and pause/cancel your subscription. This can be done between Saturday morning and Tuesdays 2PM. We require at least 4 days notice before your box is due for delivery. 

  • I don’t want certain items in my box. 

Please remeber to list the produce you do not want in the box ‘Please don’t send’ when registering.